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Weekly Favourites #6

Time always seems to fly by when it comes to my weekly favourites. With another week gone by, it only means one thing... it's time for a review of my most loved and most used products of the week. I haven't been mixing my makeup up tooooo much this week and have been sticking with the same look most days (makeup look coming soon) but it has been all prepping my skin with a glow and enhancing it with glowing beauty products. Theres been two makeup products in particular which have really stood out to be and a new-ish moisturiser which is the only base product you will ever need for glowing skin. Heads up girls, you may be feeling spendy after this post... 

Starting with how I apply the products, first up is the new moisturiser I am loving. Lush Million Dollar Moisturiseris glowing, plump, juicy skin in a tub. Filled with shea butter, primrose oil, honey and lavender, prepare yourself for the softest of complexions with a beautiful healthy subtle glow. I simply cannot put into words how this makes your skin look, the tiny tiny shimmer particles create such luminosity but keeps you feeling incredibly hydrated and nourished. This also has an SPF 30, which is perfect for an everyday moisturiser and keeps your skin safe. As my foundations get lighter and lighter and eventually become non existence, this will be the perfect and only product I'll be wearing for my base as it gives me the best glow I've ever had without any products piled on top. I simply cannot recommend this enough. 

Moving onto the base of the week, we have an all time favourite and a product I have spoken about numerous times on here before - Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser. This with Million Dollar moisturiser is the perfect combination for healthy looking skin. The lightweight, creamy texture smoothes into the skin, beautifully complimenting the moisturiser and enhancing the glow already created. I only need a pea sized amount to do my whole face with this and as it really evens everything out, corrects any redness, blurs imperfections whilst adds a tonne of hydration, a touch of colour and of course, that healthy glow. 

To finish off the glowing base, I've been loving my MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush for a peachy champagne highlight. This multi tasking creamy product works beautifully on top of my Laura Mercier TM and blends in without smudging or moving any other makeup. I simply rub my fingers in the pot, dab it on where-ever I want to highlight and blend it in with a buffing brush to soften the look. The soft peach shimmer works really well with the golden glowing base and finishes off the skin with a perfect glow. Another product I seriously recommend, I am already eyeing up a couple more shades to add to my highlighter collection... 

What products have you been loving this week?

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