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Super Facialist Rose Moisture Mask

I've become slightly obsessed with masks over the past few months and have been trailing a number of different ones to find my perfect mask selection. After testing the Lush masks, I've found my go to masks for when my skin is playing up but I am yet to find the mask that gives me an instant burst of hydration and moisture. I've stumbled across a handful of face masks that claim to rehydrate and give me a radiant complexion, but many of fail to deliver me a glowing complexion and leave my skin feeling dry and red, which is why I was on the hunt for a new moisture mask. As a brand, I adore Super Facialist and already have her clay mask which I love and I use her oil in my everyday skincare regime so I wasn't worried about not liking this one. Having read good review after good review, I decided to bite the bullet and pick one up from my local boots which actually had it on offer for £8, bargain. So mask after mask, Una Brennan has finally saved my hydration levels with this amazing rose cream... 

It goes by the name of Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask and it goes by the claim of boosting skins moisture levels and radiance. A cream formula which contains Vitamin E and White Willow extract to hydrate, plump and moisturise. This is one of those weird masks that you apply generously to your skin then leave to sink in and remove with a warm cloth after 5/10 minutes, not a clay crack in sight to tell you it's ready, I just base it on how my skin feels. I do love my clay masks but sometimes our skin needs a hydration boost and when it does, this is the mask to use. I used this last night and it was all over in about 15 minutes, application, left to sink in and removed with warm water all to reveal a brighter, smoother and more radiant looking skin. Una says to use this about once or twice a week, but when it comes to knowing when to use a mask, I listen to my skin, see what it is telling me and then decide which mask to use so when my skin is feeling tight or looking dull, I slather this on. Another plus of this is that it is suitable for the most sensitive of skins as the natural extracts are incredibly calming on the skin. It is slightly rose scented, nothing too strong smelling, but the scent is there which I personally love and the rose helps to deliver youthful looking skin. Overall, a great mask when you need a burst of radiance or a dose of hydration. 

Finding budget masks that actually work is always a plus so for £7.99 you really can't go wrong, oh and you get a generous 125ml so you won't be needing to re purchase this one for a while... 

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