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LUSH Cupcake Mask

I must admit, I've been a little bit Lush obsessed recently, my bathroom shelf as been taken over by there products and many of them have creeped into my skincare regime. But, I am not complaining as they are absolutely amazing products. As they are made out of completely natural ingredients and are packed with all sorts of good oils for your skin, they are truly amazing and make such a difference to the appearance of your complexion. As you would have seen in my April Favourites, I have been loving the Angels Of Bare Skin cleanser but I am also a fan of the masks. Cosmetic Catastrophe and Cupcake have made their way into my top 3 masks but today I am talking all things Cupcakes... 

A quick skin update: my skin at the moment is very much normal, a lot more hydrated than before but sometimes I get the odd blemish. The Cupcake* mask itself has been designed for oily/blemish prone complexions but I use it once a week and it does absolute wonders to my skin. Despite being a drying mud mask, although it really clears my skin of any impurities, it doesn't dry it out at all and actually leaves it feeling incredibly plump and hydrated to touch, with a radiant appearance. This really is one of those masks that once removed, you have a total 'wow' moment and can't stop touching your soft skin. We all do it. To give you a better run down of the product, it contains Rhassoul mud which cleanses the skin, Linseed to nourish and then added cocoa powder and vanilla to soften. Each ingredient brightens, tightens, cleans, soothes and hydrates the skin as it really opens the pores and draws out the dirt for a deep cleanse. I slather a thick layer of this on about once a week if my skin is feeling clogged, leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse with a warm cloth- simple as can be. The fact that this is suitable for the most oily of skins and the most sensitive, makes it an ideal all round mask that anyone can use. I already have a list of masks to try next, I'm thinking Mask Of Magnimity next for a healthy glow... 

Have you tried any Lush skincare / masks before, what did you think? 

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