Hello! I'm Jasmine, a 21 year old Marketing student with a monochrome and striped wardrobe, too much skincare to fit in my bathroom, a love for coffee, wedding films, beauty books and candles and the founder of jasminehardingmakeup.com

The idea of Jasmine Harding Makeup started 3 years ago whilst sat in my University Halls before the Christmas break whilst finishing off my assignments. I wanted to be creative, to get into photography and most importantly, to write about all things beauty and skin so I decided to start a blog. Once home, I opened up Blogger whilst sat in-front of a crackling fire and started brainstorming ideas; writing an endless list of blog post title ideas and picking a theme. 


After using Blogger for almost a year, I wasn't happy with my blog design and found Blogger didn't offer the freedom of design I needed in order to grow JHM into the site I dreamed of it being. This is when I made the decision to switch to SquareSpace and after a lot of research, I made the move and haven't looked back since. If you've been reading my blog from when I started then you would have seen a few re-designs JHM over the past few years and you're now looking at the brand new and improved Jasmine Harding Makeup; introducing a new logo, colour scheme and a minimal, sleek design that really shows what JHM is all about. 

So that's how JHM began, it's an exploration of everything I love and have a true passion for; travel, style, beauty and more. It's an outlet that allows me to be creative and somewhere that I hope to inspire others, with the same passions as me. 


For all enquiries, outreach and collaborations please email me at jasminehmakeup@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!